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    Why Are Girls So Stupid? 10 Reasons You Don't Understand Them

    If you're struggling to understand women, you're not alone. But why are girls so stupid, you ask? Here's why you just can't seem to figure them out.

    There's a lot of confusion revolving around men and women communicating. Guys seem to think girls are stupid while girls argue that guys are. It's a roundabout way of thinking that really doesn't get anybody anywhere. So why are girls so stupid?

    If you're here, it's clear you don't understand women. You just don't get how a girl can be so unintelligent but have you ever considered that she's not? Perhaps you just don't understand what she's trying to say and instead of admitting to this, you write her off as stupid.

    Everyone can have dumb moments every now and then

    Yes, even you. Girls can have their stupid moments and so can guys. The point here is that no matter your gender, someone will find you unintelligent at some point or another. They'll talk with you and decide you must be stupid because they can't understand what you're trying to say.

    This might just be the case if you think girls are stupid. Instead of trying to figure out what she's trying to say, you just accept that she must be less intelligent than you are. However, she could be thinking the same thing about your inability to get what she thinks is so simple.

    Why are girls so stupid?

    If you find yourself asking this question more often than not, you'll need some help to clear things up. This is why you might be thinking girls are dumb - and it probably has nothing to do with her intelligence level.

    #1 You're not listening. You can't just pick and choose which parts to listen to when a woman is talking. If you missed something and somehow think she's stupid as a result, that's just wrong.

    You can easily get confused if you're not paying attention. Or maybe you heard everything she was saying but just didn't understand it in the context. Just remember to pay attention when a girl is talking to you. We don't just talk to hear our own voices, contrary to popular belief.

    #2 She's not using methods to explain that you resonate with. This is probably the biggest reason men think women are stupid. It's not that they are, it's that you just don't understand what they're trying to say because their methods don't make sense to you.

    They could refer to something you're not familiar with and that can easily make things harder to understand. You might think she's stupid for not making sense, but she could also think you're dumb for not understanding something that's so simple to her.

    #3 She's not saying what you want to hear. Much of the time, guys can get frustrated with girls who just aren't saying what they want to hear. You want a girl to tell you all this stuff and when she doesn't, you think she's stupid.

    When in fact, you're just being unreasonable. Girls aren't there for you to hear great things at all hours. If she says you're being mean, she's not dumb. You're probably just being mean.

    #4 You're projecting your own insecurities. Have you ever thought that maybe it's not the girl that's stupid? Perhaps you're insecure about your inability to comprehend the stuff she talks about and so you protect your ego by deducing that she must be stupid.

    It's okay to need her to clarify. Just ask her to explain it a little further instead of writing her off as stupid. It's really not that difficult to admit when you're unfamiliar with a topic of conversation.

    #5 She might not be informed about the topic. On the flip side, maybe she's just not familiar with what you're talking about. That's understandable if it's not a super widely known topic. And even then, not everyone knows everything that others think they should.

    Have a little more patience. She could be wildly more intelligent than you about a different topic. When it comes to you thinking girls are stupid, they might just be stupid in that specific area. And that's okay.

    #6 You disagree. How do you feel about what she was saying? If you're not happy with it and you've decided she's stupid, you might want to think again. You just might be unhappy with what she's said.

    That doesn't make her stupid. It's okay to disagree with someone and still think they're smart. There are tons of people out there who have very different opinions on the sciences and yet, they're all still smarter than the average person.

    #7 You're the one who doesn't understand. You think she's stupid, but she might be thinking you're pretty thick for not getting something that seems to obvious to her. Just because what she's saying is confusing to you, doesn't mean she's doing a poor job of explaining anything.

    It just means you don't get it. That's fine. It's okay not to know everything about everything. You're allowed to be ignorant about something so long as your mind is open to learning about it.

    #8 She's not doing something you want. Perhaps you thinking girls are stupid has nothing at all to do with her intelligence. Maybe she's just refusing to do something you want her to. If that's the case, she's actually probably smart.

    Girls aren't there to do what you want when you want. We're people. You can't just go around thinking all women are stupid because some won't listen to what you want them to do.

    #9 Her thought process is unclear to you. This happens a lot with men and women. We tend to think of each other as stupid because the thought processes behind certain situations are so vastly different. That's just a part of being opposite sexes.

    Guys don't think as emotionally as women do. Men are typically driven by logic and women are by emotion. Therefore, there's a lot of confusion with different situations and how each chooses to act in them. You might think she's stupid in certain circumstances and she might think you are.

    #10 That particular girl just might not be that intelligent. It happens. Should this mean that all girls are stupid? No. Because we're not. But you'll end up dealing with some stupid women throughout your lifetime just as us girls will deal with stupid guys.

    Not everyone is as smart as one another. If we were, there would be far fewer issues in the world. Don't let a single girl or even a single group of girls make you think all are like that.

    So why are girls so stupid? You asked, and we've answered. The truth is that girls aren't stupid, you might just not understand them the way you think you do. Before jumping to conclusions about the intelligence level of a woman you're talking to, try thinking about these things first.