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    What to Do if She's Sleeping Over for the First Time

    Whether you planned it or it came as a surprise, having a girl over can make any man anxious. Find out what you need to do to get her comfy.

    So you're finally letting her into your home. Depending on the state of your humble abode, she's either the luckiest woman in the vicinity or someone who might start running for the hills. You, as the owner of said abode, have a responsibility to make your guest as comfortable as possible.

    Not every guy is lucky enough to afford a housekeeper on call. And not every guy has the luxury of setting aside an entire day to clean up the house at the drop of a hat. That's why we've come up with ways that are relatively easy and quick to execute, if you happen to suddenly find yourself expecting a house guest, while your home is in dire straits.

    What to do on a planned sleepover

    She may say she'll love you no matter what, but you don't have to show her the warzone that is your house on the first sleepover! Set aside an hour or two to make your home more inviting.

    #1 Clean up. This one's a no brainer, but where do you start if you need a quick fix? Start with the bedroom. Stuff all your junk someplace she won't bother to look, like the laundry room or your closet or under the bed. You can worry about it later. Not sure what stuff you should prioritize? As a rule of thumb, anything on the floor and at eye level will catch her attention first, so declutter those areas first.

    Then sweep the floor or quickly run a vacuum through any area you can be bothered to cover. As for the bathroom, just stash all the unsightly stuff into a cupboard or above the dresser. Scoop out the hair from the drain. And please, on behalf of all the women in the world, clean your toilet!

    Last but not least, anything that is even remotely related to any of your exes, whether they're pictures, gifts or clothes, must be stashed away in a place where your current lady love will never, ever find!

    #2 Change the sheets. We're not too fond of lying down on sheets that are covered with hell knows what bodily fluids. And even if your sheets don't have stains, change them anyway to make sure they're fresh and ready for a night of sweaty lovemaking. Fresh sheets always feel ten times better than week-old ones that have been marinating in your man-sweat.

    #3 Hide the porn. Yes, we know you buy the occasional magazine, but we don't need evidence of it staring us in the face as we use your bathroom.

    #4 Warn the roomies. If you have roomies, the best case scenario would be to get them out of the house for the duration of your girl's stay. There's nothing more awkward for a girl than walking down the hall and having a strange shirtless man suddenly run into her.

    If you can't get the roomies out of the house, at least ask them to expect a visitor. Who knows, they might be nice enough to help you make your home a little more presentable.

    #5 Replenish the stash. Your girl will probably already bring her own toiletries and clothes, so there's no need to worry about that. But since it's your home court, you'll need to be the one to supply all the other necessary implements such as food, drinks, condoms and lube.

    Nothing kills a mood faster than suddenly stopping to blame each other for the lack of condoms. So stock up on a couple of different ones and let her pick out which one she'd like you to use.

    #6 Get her some entertainment. Of course, you won't be getting it on throughout the entire night. So in the moments in between, plan something to keep both of you busy. Sure, you could always just talk and bond and cuddle and whatnot. But it still pays to be prepared.

    The internet may be your savior. Just give your girl the wifi password, so she can go online when you've dozed off. If you don't have a connection at home, bring out a couple of books and magazines that she might like, and keep them by the nightstand. If she's not into that, pop a DVD and let her go on a series marathon with Suits or Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad or whatever else she might be into. You'll have a ton more to talk about when you've woken up.

    #7 Prepare some mood lighting. Scented candles work wonders as they provide the perfect ambient light, while masking the smell of whatever she's better off not smelling. If it's too much of a fire hazard, go for a dim lamp. Relying on the street lights outside might not provide you with enough light to get anything done, while using your laptop as a nightlight might prove to be too distracting.

    What to do on an impromptu sleepover

    In the event that her sleepover isn't planned, don't panic. After all, spontaneity rules, right? While there's not much you can do to alter the state of your home now, there are some ways you can make up for your lack of planning.

    #1 Grab some food. We won't judge if you have nothing stashed in the fridge, aside from some stale pizza and last month's Chinese takeout. However, do keep in mind that your girl's mood can be easily uplifted by a nice meal. Grab some takeout, and make sure you'll have enough to last until the next day. This saves you from scrambling to find food at 2 am, while both your tummies are grumbling after a heated romp.

    #2 Grab supplies. Your girl probably doesn't bring along an entire bathroom's worth of toiletries whenever she goes out with you. And you probably don't have a spare toothbrush or any women's hygiene needs in your bachelor pad. So before you get to your place, hit up a nearby 7-11 and grab a toothbrush, some of her shampoo and maybe a tiny sachet of facial wash. She'll swoon at your thoughtfulness!

    #3 Dim the lights. So your room might be an absolute dump. But that's not something a little strategic lighting can't fix! Grab a lamp and drape a patterned sheet over it to make it a bit dimmer. If she can't see the state of your room because of the sensual lights, she won't be able to comment on it, right?

    #4 Distract her for a bit. Before you enter your room, ask her to sit down on the couch or lead her towards the bathroom to do her business, if she must. While she's doing that, make a mad dash towards you room and give it a 2-minute cleanup. Shove whatever mess you can into the closet, under the bed or into another room. Spray some Febreeze or Lysol and open the window to freshen the air a bit. Voila, your room is now slightly more presentable!

    Having your girl sleep over doesn't have to be a pain. You don't even need to be completely prepared to make your home a little more comfy for her feminine tastes. But just keep in mind that if you keep your home clean and stocked on a regular basis, you won't have to worry about a thing the next time she sleeps over!