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    Why Millennials Suck How The Selfish “Me” Generation Was Created

    Why Millennials suck. Well, they are like no other generation that has come before. Take heart, it isn't your fault you're spoiled brats, we spoiled you!

    I know, let the hate mail begin. I'm about to talk about why millennials suck. I am from the previous generation, Generation X, so what right do I have to put judgment on the Millennial generation? I don't. What I do see, however, is that however unmotivated and lost our generation was in our twenties, we were far ahead of where the spoiled Millennial generation is now.

    Why do I call Millennials spoiled? 'Cause they are. They received trophies for nothing more than showing up for practice, praised for everything they've ever done, and told that if someone doesn't agree with you, it is tantamount to bullying.

    Millennials have also never had to work for anything, I mean it was even their parent's fault when they didn't get their homework done. How do I know all of this? I am the proud parent of a Millennial, but, of course, my child is perfect and not like that.

    35 reasons why Millennials suck

    I really can't blame the self-entitlement that Millennials feel, it isn't their fault. It is Generation X who felt so emotionally beaten up and bruised, we decided our children wouldn't ever have to feel bad or have their feelings hurt.

    I also blame the internet. Being the first generation to grow up online, literally, Millennials are addicted to themselves, instant gratification, and things like “selfies.” If it doesn't revolve around them, well, it doesn't revolve at all.

    #1 They think they are too good for anything manual or labor. We never made them do anything, like anything. We had maids clean up after them or did it ourselves while they played video games.

    #2 They think pointing out a difference is a cutdown. If you point out the fact that women are the physically weaker sex, they think that is a cutdown. Sorry, guys, that is a reality, but we are stronger in other ways, so get over it!

    #3 They think the only way for things to be equal is to drag everyone else down. Equality isn't about taking something away from someone to give to someone else. It is about working together to raise everyone else up. You don't get that.

    #4 They think anyone gives a shit about what they have for lunch *please save the food pics, we don't care*. I really don't care if what you are going to eat tastes good. Unless you cater my lunch, keep it to yourself!

    #5 They whine about everything, wait, did I say everything? They whine about working, things not being fair, having to do anything. It is super annoying!

    #6 There is no such thing as too tight or too promiscuous. Yep, we desensitized y'all. So much that you no longer see anything wrong with wearing tight clothes or even see-through ones.

    #7 When they babysit they make a bigger mess than the kids. They feel no responsibility to go the little extra mile, or even to complete the mile they promised to do.

    #8 They take no responsibility for anything. Nothing is ever a Millennial's fault, like nothing ever!

    #9 They think competition is unfair. Competition is a bad word to a Millennial. Things should all be even. If you get ahead, they think you do so at someone else's expense. That isn't reality. People get ahead because they work hard, not because they cheat-at least most of the time!

    #10 They can't decide which selfie they like best of themselves. I never once took a picture of myself, just for the record, none of us did!

    #11 They think it is their parent's job to clean up after them forever. You are almost thirty, pay your own damn cell phone bill, will you?

    #12 Their parents clean up after them for like, ever. Maybe we should stop paying their cell phone bills!

    #13 They have a label, catch phrase, or diagnosis for everything. Ghosting, cushioning, hotwifing, Chad Thundercock… please people, does it ever end?

    #14 They have the attention span of a flea. If it isn't flashing, ringing, or shouting, they can't be bothered with it.

    #15 If you say anything they don't like they either picket, riot, or cry that their civil liberties have been compromised. Look at any college campus. I need not say anything more.

    #16 They pretend as if they even know what civil liberties are. Civil liberties don't mean that you get to do whatever you want and no one has the right to say no to you… sorry!

    #17 They talk about politics as if they have a clue, but couldn't really give a shit. They just want something to put on their Facebook page. If you talk about politics, at least know what the truth is and read a damn history book.

    #18 They spend more time on their phone than with their parents, grandparents, friends, and significant others combined. Put the cell phone down just once in a while. There is an entire world going on around you.

    #19 They always have a get rich quick scheme, but it rarely involves any true work. You must earn money. It might have landed in your lap in the past, but unfortunately, at some point, that has to end.

    #20 They behave like spoiled brats having a tantrum if you don't agree with them. Stop stamping your feet. Having a temper tantrum to shut people up doesn't make you right, it just makes people uncomfortable.

    #21 They spend more time creating a fake world on social media than living in the real one. Worry less about your social media likes and more about whether people like you or not.

    #22 They do and say the meanest shit on social media forums, but then talk about anti-bullying. Have you read what you have tweeted, put on Facebook, or did on Snapchat? Bullying to a whole new level. 

    #23 They have no ambition or inspiration for the future, too busy worrying about Kim Kardashian. Who the hell cares about what the Kardashians are doing? How does that affect you?

    #24 Their role models are porn stars and rappers who beat their wives. Role models are supposed to be people that you admire, not the people who get the most attention by doing bad things.

    #25 They think America sucks… hey, try it somewhere else. Really, go live abroad for a while, I dare you.

    #26 They think the older generations have no idea what the hell they talked about as if it weren't for them, the world would fall to idiocy. You might think you are the smartest generation ever to inherit the world, but that is only because we told you that since you were born. Our bad. 

    #27 They refuse to hear anyone else's opinion and have no problem coercing anyone who isn't on board. You can't shout everyone down forever.

    #28 They get their news from sites like Us Magazine or Yahoo. Just so you know, that isn't really news. News is about world events, not a popularity contest.

    #29 They can't ever spell out a damn word, they abbreviate everything… too much work for them. Use real words before none of us can communicate anymore, please?

    #30 Everywhere they go, they just drop their shit and make a mess. Apparently, they have maids following them. Clean up after something, like something… please.

    #31 If you ask them for something it is always a huge inconvenience. Asking you to chip in and help isn't an inconvenience. It is the way society works and survives. What are you going to do when the older generations aren't around to do all your work for you and pay your bills?

    #32 They think that I care about their status. We don't unless we ask.

    #33 They came up with Snapchat… can we have a chat about Snapchat? SnapChat was created for nothing but to send nasty messages to people that disappear, so you bear no responsibility. That is shitty in anyone's book. A lovely creation of the Millennial generation. Thanks!

    #34 They think everything they do is charming, like everything. We've told you you were awesome for so long you actually believe it 100%.

    #35 The only one who exists in the world of a Millennial is “me.”

    Now, I know that I upset a great number of Millennials with what I just said. The truth is every generation dumps on the one that comes next, it is pecking order. I am sure you will all end up as lovely adults and human beings.

    I just pray, at some point, you put your damn phone down, pick up a hand to help out the rest of humanity, and stop thinking that you are the most important thing that ever walked the face of the earth.

    It is my generation's fault for creating the monster, but it is now your problem to clean it up. Sorry, we are leaving you with such a big task, but that is why Millennials suck and we suck too!