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    Zayn And Gigi Hadid 15 Facts About Their Relationship

    Tuesday, March 13th 2018 was a very sad day: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced that they were breaking up. It's safe to say that fans were totally and completely shocked. After all, this was a couple that seemed truly, madly, deeply in love, and they had been together for two years and a few months (their first date happened sometime during November 2015).

    It's always really heartbreaking when a celebrity couple that everyone loves decides to part ways. It's kind of funny because it can be as horrible as if your best friend and her boyfriend broke up. Sure, you totally get that you don't exactly know these people and that they're a part of Hollywood, but at the same time, you really care about them. You've followed Gigi and Zayn's relationship from the very beginning and now that it's over, it's hard to know how to feel… kind of like when you go through a breakup yourself. It's honestly tough to believe that you won't get to see their adorable and romantic AF Instagram posts anymore or see them on the cover of Vogue magazine and just be super jealous of their love story in general. Read on to find out 15 secrets about Gigi and Zayn's relationship!

    15 There Was No Reason Given, Which Could Mean There's A Deeper Meaning To Their Breakup

    When a celeb couple breaks up, your first thought is, obviously, what happened? What caused the break-up? Did someone cheat or were they fighting or did one of them fall for someone else?

    Well, sorry to burst your bubble but it doesn't seem like Gigi and Zayn are giving the reason right now… and maybe they've decided to keep this private and aren't going to spill the breakup beans anytime soon. Yup, that definitely sucks because of course you really need to know. Instead of giving a reason, the two celebs gave public, official statements about parting ways on their Twitter accounts. They both said super sweet, polite and respectful things about each other… which just makes the fact that it's over even sadder. Seriously, though, what could have possibly slip these two up?!

    14 Fans Assumed They Would Get Married

    Once fans know that a celeb couple is for real and is together for a certain amount of time, it makes sense that they would start wondering if wedding bells are in the couple's future.

    In the case of Gigi and Zayn, people honestly thought that the two were going to get engaged soon, and when you analyze what you knew of their relationship, it definitely seems like that could have been the case. There were a ton of rumors about an engagement… which is what makes the fact that they broke up even more upsetting and surprising. Maybe they felt like that would have been the next, logical step in the relationship and they weren't ready for that? Who knows? It's all very sad and confusing and just the worst news ever.

    13 There Were Always Break-Up Rumors

    Fans think that Gigi and Zayne broke up once before -- in June 2016 -- but it's unclear if they really did or not. That might have been the rumor, but right after stories were published about that, they were spotted out and about and looking as lovey-dovey as ever before.

    As an article on Cosmopolitan.com says, "Sources claim that they've actually broken up and reunited 'multiple times,' with the latest due to communication problems." Hmmm. Do you think that they broke up and got back together a whole bunch of times?! That's a truly heartbreaking thing to think about. They just always seemed great together and really in love, so it's hard to believe, but of course anything is possible and no one will ever really know for sure.

    12 Zayn Unfollowed Gigi And Her Mom

    As soon as the news of the breakup broke, another big piece of news broke: the fact that Zayn unfollowed both Gigi Hadid and her mom, Yolanda Hadid, on Instagram.

    Of course, Yolanda became super famous after appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which is why this is getting people talking. On the one hand, the fact that he unfollowed them both seems super sudden… and makes you wonder if that was really necessary, right? Wouldn't he still want to follow them if he and Gigi wanted to remain friends (if that is what they both want)? On the other hand, you've probably gotten rid of your ex-boyfriend on social media, so you can see why this would be a thing. Social media definitely makes breakups a whole lot trickier.

    11 Zayn Got A Gigi Tattoo Recently

    Nothing says love like flowers, chocolate, and a tattoo. Yes? No? Maybe

    Zayn got a tattoo that professed his love for Gigi Hadid recently and fans are talking about it a lot now that the two have announced that they're going their separate ways. What is the tattoo? He got a tattoo of Gigi's eyes and chose his chest as the spot. Yes. Really. Her eyes. While the eyes are the window to the soul, as the saying goes, it does seem like maybe getting a tattoo that is related to your partner is not the best idea since it does usually spell disaster. It's kind of like asking for heartbreak or something. Sure, that's definitely not what he was thinking, but fans are wondering why he did it and think that he shouldn't have made that particular decision.

    10 Zayn Said Not A "Power Couple"

    When Zayn was interviewed by The Evening Standard, he talked honestly and openly about his relationship with Gigi, and it definitely sounds like it was fairly normal despite their famous status. Sure, they probably did get their picture taken everywhere that they went, but they also seemed to be chill.

    He said, "I can understand how it can look, that you've got these two people in a 'power couple.' That's not something I want to be a part of. I'm with her because I like her and I hope she's with me because she likes me." Awwww. It's pretty cool that he didn't see them as a "power couple" because it sounds like he really did want them to just spend time together and be a regular couple. It sounds like they had a really warm, kind and compassionate relationship for sure.

    9 They Were Total Homebodies Who Loved Netflix

    You and your boyfriend might not have the most exciting date nights ever -- you order pizza and watch a lot of Netflix -- but, hey, that's exactly the way that you both want it. You probably think that celebs like Zayn and Gigi would have really fabulous, fancy nights out all the time and wouldn't just hang out at home… but that's not true at all.

    As it turns out, this celebrity couple were total homebodies and they love Netflix just as much as you do. Whenever they were interviewed about what their relationship was like and what they did all the time, they said that they liked to hang out at home, cook, and watch TV. Yes, really. It's nice to know that you're not that different from such famous people, right?

    8 They Were Coy About Whether They Were Really Dating

    Well, at least in the beginning. It can be super confusing to figure out if two stars are actually dating, right? There are so many rumors and so much conflicting information. You never know if people just want to believe that a couple is for real or if they're actually a thing.

    In the case of Gigi and Zayn, they first started dating in November 2015, but they didn't announce it officially and publicly for a little while. Zayn would be interviewed and he would say that they were "just friends." Gigi also tweeted a whole bunch of things about how you never know what's going to happen in life and people think that she was definitely referring to him and their new romance. It's interesting that they didn't just go ahead and announce it already.

    7 Yolanda Hadid Hashtaged Him With #Family

    Yolanda posted this adorable photo of Gigi and Zayn to her Instagram account on August 30th, 2017. It's honestly hard to look at it, isn't it?! You would honestly never know that these two lovebirds were headed for a breakup.

    Yolanda captioned this with "Summer Loving… " with a heart emoji and then used the hashtag #Family. It seems like she really loved Zayn and felt that he was good for her daughter, and that makes the news of their breakup even sadder and harder to wrap your head around. You never know if your parents are going to like the person that you've chosen to be with, and when everyone gets along and feels like family, you couldn't ask for anything better. It's rare and so good.

    6 Zayn Asked Her Out At A Victoria's Secret Party

    So how did these two (former) lovebirds meet? At a Victoria's Secret party.

    Yup, that's a pretty good meet cute, and is just as fabulous as the two of them are. As the story goes, Zayn was really into Gigi immediately and knew who she was, and he walked up to her and asked her out. As he has told the tale to various people, he didn't use any pick-up lines or anything like that. He just asked her on a date. And it worked, of course, since the two of them seemed to connect right away and started dating. Seeing photos of the two of them together and hearing about their adorable love story just makes the news of their breakup even more difficult to handle.

    5 They Loved Couple Selfies

    It seems like Zayn and Gigi were a couple who were totally and completely made for Instagram. The two absolutely adored couple selfies and took a lot of them and, of course, each posted them on their Instagram accounts all the time.

    This is just one example and, naturally, it's the cutest, sweetest thing ever. A lot of the time, the pair would post a couple selfie that was black and white, like this one, which always makes the photos look even more beautiful and lovely. Sometimes it's easy to get annoyed by couples who love taking photos of themselves all the time because they can be irritating and too much, but that never happened with Gigi and Zayn. You were always thrilled to see them since they always looked so happy and in love.

    4 They Called Each Other Special Names

    When Zayn was interviewed in Sunday Times Style, Zayn chatted about the nicknames that he and Gigi called each other.

    He said, "I call her Gee, she calls me Zee. There's some other nicknames too, but I'll keep those private." Awwww. There's nothing cuter than couple nicknames. Why is everything that he says about her so completely adorable… and the same thing goes for everything that she says about him? It makes so hard to believe that they would actually break up. When you look at their Instagram posts and the messages that they wrote about each other, they seem like such a solid couple and it seems like nothing could have torn them apart. Seriously, what do you think happened between them? It's so hard not knowing.

    3 Gigi Called Him Her "Favorite Human" On Their Two Year Anniversary

    When Gigi and Zayn celebrated their two-year anniversary of dating, she posted on her Instagram stories and called him her "favorite human."

    Yeah, that totally sounds like something that you would do before you break up with someone… This is all so confusing, isn't it?! Okay, so it's totally possible to think that you're going to be with someone forever and then, out of nowhere, something big happens and it changes everything, and you can't continue the relationship. That could have been what happened here. Until more news comes out about what went wrong and why they're breaking up, you'll just have to use your imagination and wonder about all of the possible scenarios. All you know is that this makes you super sad and miserable.

    2 They Made It Instagram Official

    It totally makes sense that a young, hot, trendy couple like Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik would make things official by posting a couple selfie on Instagram. It would have been pretty weird if they hadn't done that.

    Zayn posted a beautiful black and white photo of the two of them in December 2015 and it's a truly adorable picture. They looked so happy and in love, even though they had only supposedly been together for a little while and maybe that would have been early for the L-word. But, hey, when you know you know, and that's true whether you're famous or not. It's honestly kind of tough to look at photos like this one because they look so perfect together… which is probably how the ex-couple feels.

    1 They Hung Out With T-Swift Sometimes

    Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift are the very best of friends, and Gigi is definitely part of Taylor's squad. Sure, that whole thing has gotten a lot of flak and a lot of people view it as totally negative, but that wasn't the intention. Basically, they're really sweet friends, and that can't be argued at all. You can tell that they really care about each other.

    Apparently, Taylor would hang out sometimes with Gigi and Zayn, which definitely sounds adorable and like a ton of fun. People say that T-Swift would bake cookies for their hang-out sessions, which sounds delicious. Taylor is a big baker and that kind of person is always a really good friend to have. Hmmm. Wonder what she thinks about the break-up…