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    Your Ideal Celeb That Embodies You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign (His & Hers)

    We all have that inner celebrity personality inside of us that we sometimes refer to as our spirit animal. Well, here we have your ideal celeb babe or bro that embodies you based on your zodiac sign! Maybe it's the one celebrity you always hear one-liners from and think to yourself, "Yasss, that's soooo me," or maybe it's the celebrity you never, ever would compare yourself to… until you realize they have the same zodiac sign as you and start piecing together the similarities. Hey, it happens.

    Either way, these celebrity babes and bros embrace their characteristics within their sign to a tee! You may even be surprised as to which celebrity is under which zodiac sign. You may even get a better understanding why some are more dramatic than others. Actually, it's a great way to gauge their behavior if you discover their zodiac sign! Of course, just because you have the same zodiac as one celebrity doesn't mean you are exactly like them. Take into account your moon sign (how you deal with your emotions) and your ascending or rising sign (the first impression you give off to those who don't know you well) and you'll start to understand yourself much more than just knowing your sun sign (a.k.a. zodiac sign). Happy celebrity zodiac sign comparing!

    24 Aries Babe: You're A Fierce Firecracker Like Kourtney Kardashian

    When it comes to a filter, you have less of one than most, Aries babe. You and Kourtney Kardashian are in that together. She is the Kardashian that just doesn't lend too many emotions to any scandals, opinions from other people, and sibling controversy. She's dead honest, to a fault at times, and will look you straight in the eyes when she delivers her, usually harsh, opinions or comments, leaving those on the recipient wondering if she has any emotion at all. Well, Aries, that's you in a nutshell. Of course, depending on your moon and ascending signs, you may lend more emotion to those who ignite that fire within you. Otherwise, you're unapologetically you and those that know you, love you and thank you for that.

    23 Aries Bro: You're All Alpha Male Like Charlie Hunnam

    When it comes to the top dog, you're no stranger to that feeling, Aries bro. You're a fiery sign who doesn't wince at the sight of a challenge, in fact, you seek them like the alpha dog you are. While you have a passionate, wild side that shows during the first impression, you have a soft, sweet and caring layer underneath that only those close to you get to witness. Much like Charlie Hunnam, you are brooding, bossy, and oh-so alpha male. You were, probably, one of the jocks in high school, if not the class president. You exude a certain charm and charisma that not all signs can conquer. Your biggest challenge is not letting your carefree demeanor get the best of your ambitious side. As an Aries, you possess both but tend to lean one way or the other. Remember to balance out play and work!

    22 Taurus Babe: You're Sensual, Romantic, And Loyal Like Megan Fox

    You'll notice there's a certain sweet, innocent charm that all Taurus babes embody. Their first impression is always polite, calm, collected and positive but it's not until you really get to know one that you find out that your favorite Taurus has a super sensually-charged side with a light layer of romance. Megan Fox is the perfect example of the Taurus babe. She's always calm and poised when she needs to be, yet know she's low key such a boss not only in her own life but in everyone else's life that's close to her. Taurus is the sign of the bull, which means the Taurus babe doesn't take any bull from anyone. As a Taurus, you may come off as sweet but can get rough and tough if need be.

    21 Taurus Bro: Stubborn, Ambitious Yet Ruggedly Steamy Like David Beckham

    We all know David Beckham as one of the hottest professional athletes of all time, but he also seems to be one of the most loyal (ahem, give or take a few scandals), romantic and macho men than most. He's not a pushover for anyone-except maybe Victoria Beckham-and you can tell he's a big family man. Taurus men have strong family values and stick to them through thick and thin, due to their stubborn nature, which isn't a bad thing. Taurus men are also extremely loyal to those they love and care for, so while David B. has had his cheating scandals, him and Posh Spice have always found a way to work them out. And much like the Aries bro, the Taurus bro has an undeniable masculinity to his aura that can't be ignored.

    20 Gemini Babe: Always Fashionably Collected With A Chatty Side Like Morgan Stewart

    This E! Reality TV celeb is known for her hilarious and witty quips on The Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills, but she's not all sass, Morgan Stewart keeps herself collected, in a fashionable way, and at all times, seemingly. Her sharp banter is always delivered in a flawlessly-executed high fashion outfit, making any criticism that much more harsh when it comes from someone better dressed than you. Amirite? This is a Gemini babe quality, to be honest. They're go-getters, charming and witty with words, and have effortless fashion sense. While there are many amusing and intelligent qualities to this air sign, there's also a switch that can flip at a moment's notice if you utter anything that will trigger their anger. You'll know when they lash out with some scathing words that hit you right where it hurts.

    19 Gemini Bro: You Go From Somewhat Chill To Crazy In 3 Seconds Like Shia LaBeouf

    We all know our favorite Even Stevens alum, Shia LaBeuof. He is quirky, funny and seemingly chill, but he is also known to have a quick-tempered side that he doesn't feel the need to filer very often. This is, mostly, a Gemini man. As an air sign, the Gemini bro is one of the most chill signs of the zodiac… until he isn't. This means that it's not uncommon for the go-with-the-flow sign to have a moment of panic or aggression that gets triggered at the slightest inconvenience. This will happen mainly in a heated debate due to the Gemini's natural need for intellectual conversation. While not all Gemini guys are like Shia, there are some similar characteristics one way or another. Not that we see this side from Mr. LaBeouf, but Gemini men also have a light-hearted romantic side to them. They are playful and can be lovey-dovey in the sweetest of times.

    18 Cancer Babe: You Are Caring To A Fault With A Moody Side Like Selena Gomez

    If you're interested has ever been peaked enough to Google this, most reality stars, celebrities, pop stars, and actresses are Cancer babes. They have well-rounded qualities about them that can make them so unique from one another. With that said, Selena Gomez is the ultimate Cancer babe. Why? Well, she has a sassy side, she has a good-hearted side, and she has a nurturing side. These three qualities are qualities all Cancer women possess to some degree. We see Selena's just in the fact that she took Justin Bieber back. As a water sign, her emotions run… and run. She's either open and free-flowing about them or closed off and reclusive. While Cancer babes are one of the most caring sign's of the zodiac, they're also one of the most manipulative, as well. Kill 'em with kindness makes sense now.

    17 Cancer Bro: Underneath That Strong, Funny Exterior You're Way Emo Like Chris Pratt

    You can come off as quiet and reserved, Cancer, but underneath your strong exterior, you have some deep emotions. Chris Pratt is the funny man's man, yet he clearly has an emotional side, as noted in his recent waves in the media due to going through a divorce with Anna Faris. It's safe to say that when they were together, you could always see how much she meant to him even if he wasn't all over her and physically showing it. Most Cancer men are natural lovers so they're usually in relationships. They like to be taken care of and if they're well-balanced, they like taking care of their significant other, too. Good luck getting too much emotion out of your Cancer man as he's not one to let all of his feels out, even to those closest to him.

    16 Leo Babe: You Take Charge Like The Queen You Are Just As Mila Kunis Does

    Mila Kunis has an undeniable feisty side to her. You can tell she's not a pushover and that she's always in charge, one way or another. She doesn't take any nonsense, from anyone, but she also shows compassion when she needs to. She perfectly embodies the Leo woman in all her lioness ways. She's also married to Aquarius Ashton Kutcher who is her polar opposite on the zodiac wheel. When they say opposites attract, they really do. Leo babes are always at the center of attention, more so good attention than bad, and have a need to feel important and appreciated. As a Leo, you're great at making an entrance and taking charge, both qualities that Mila shows on and off-screen.

    15 Leo Bro: You're The Total Macho Guy With An Inevitable Flirty Side Like Ben Affleck

    If you've never felt charmed by Ben Affleck, you're probably lying. Leo men have an effortless way of making all women feel special, which is why they're one of the biggest flirts of the zodiac. Ben Affleck is known for dating some of the hottest babes in Hollywood including fellow Leo babe Jennifer Lopez and Aries babe Jennifer Garner. The Leo bro loves to have a hot babe on his arm giving him more of a spotlight when he enters a room. And, you know those Leos, they love their attention. While on the outside, the Leo guy comes off as more attention-seeking than not, low-key he's super romantic and touchy-feely with his babe of choice.

    14 Virgo Babe: You Are Unapologetically You Just Like Nicole Richie

    As a Virgo babe, you're honest and opinionated, but in a comical way. Nicole Richie is the epitome of a true Virgo. She's witty, charming, funny and way too honest sometimes. Virgo's can have an air of self-righteousness about them at times, but that's due to their earth element nature. They tend to be more grounded and practical than most signs. When it comes to showing off their witty side, the Virgo babe is not one to shy away from that. As a Virgo lady, you're also extremely helpful. Helping people is second nature to you. You also cherish stability and can usually be considered as the most reliable of your friends and family circle. No one needs to tell Nicole Richie to be herself, ever, because she's always true to herself, and that's exactly how you roll too, Virgo babe.

    13 Virgo Bro: Witty, Funny And Sharp Like Jimmy Fallon

    Virgo bro, you typically have everyone laughing in stitches most of the time. The Virgo guy is one of the most intelligent, charming and witty of the zodiac. Jimmy Fallon encompasses all of those quality Virgo bro traits. He hits the nail on the head with every witty line he delivers. Another great quality about a Virgo guy is that they're always eager to help, especially to help a damsel in distress. And while they're not completely outward about their emotions, they are more analytical when it comes to matters of the heart. They also mute their emotions with a lot of humor and comedy. One thing: he isn't completely mum about are his opinions and beliefs. The Virgo man will let you know if you've disappointed him and, on the more annoying side of things, he will begin to nitpick you.

    12 Libra Babe: You Always Got Class And Sass Like Gwyneth Paltrow

    Libra babes are known for their keen sense of style, fair personalities, and slightly boujee tendencies. There's no one that fits the Libra life better than Gwyneth Paltrow. She's undeniably chic, intelligent (something all air signs naturally possess), and has a calm air about her. If her lifestyle brand "Goop" doesn't show you just how much class and charm she oozes, then take a peek at her dating past and always on-point red carpet looks. There's no one besides Gwyneth that knows how to show up at a red carpet event looking no less than pristine, and with some yummy eye candy on her arm to boot. This was demonstrated when she shared her statement of "conscious uncoupling" with ex Chris Martin. No one can make a breakup look so cool, calm and collected other than her.

    11 Libra Bro: A Little Too Pretty And Always Too Charming Like Zac Efron

    Libra bros are too smart and too charming for their own good. A perfect example of this is Zac Efron. He's the ultimate Libra bro package with his chiseled body, gorgeous face and boyishly flirtatious personality. While he's been linked to many Hollywood starlets, he's not one to ever make it to the top of the celebrity gossip news chain. As a Libra, he's naturally intelligent and an intellectual, so it's no wonder that Zac knows how to stay out of the less-than-positive limelight. This goes for all Libra guys; they know when to take the spotlight and charm those around them, but they also know when to take a backseat and go unnoticed. Libra men are not all charm and wits, they have their cons too. They're known for their lack of commitment, especially in relationships. They tend to suffer from the grass is greener syndrome, more so than other signs, and it extends to romantic relationships, as well. Good luck getting your Libra to settle down right away!

    10 Scorpio Babe: You're A Misunderstood Boss Babe Like Bethenny Frankel

    While Scorpio women have a reputation for being all boss and less babe, they do have a soft side that only those close to them get to see. Otherwise, you'll notice that Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel is a prime example of a Scorpio babe. She's a businesswoman with a sharper than glass blunt side to her. And while that's the side of her that seems to get the most airtime, she also seems to have a sensitive side that no one ever saw coming. Scorpio ladies may come off as if they have every nook and cranny of their life put together and in control, but underneath their tough exterior, they one of the most vulnerable signs of the zodiac.

    9 Scorpio Bro: You're Not Afraid To Take Charge When In The Spotlight Like Ryan Gosling

    Here's the thing with Scorpio bros, they're not afraid to take charge and take the lead in situations when the pressure is on, but when they're in one of their reclusive moods, good luck getting them to speak one word to you. Ryan Gosling is a great example of a Scorpio bro. He's exceptionally good looking (like most Scorpios) with a tough and serious exterior that, we all know, is just a cover for his sensitive, sweet side. You know, the one that's reserved for solely Eva? He's also rarely ever in the tabloids or in celebrity news. This is another Scorpio bro quality. Scorpios love their discretion and privacy. Nothing is more important than that to them-besides loyalty and honesty from their partner, of course.

    8 Sagittarius Babe: Fierce And Free Spirited Vanessa Hudgens Captures You At Heart

    While all fire signs are undeniably passionate, especially upon introduction, the Sagittarius babe is specifically passionate. She's always yearning for an adventure, she falls in love easily and intensely, and she has a childlike aura. This makes complete sense that Vanessa Hudgens is a Sagittarius babe. She's playful, yet serious when she needs to be. It's also safe to say she's far from boring and dull. Taking on many different kinds of parts in movies and shows, she's an eclectic mix of fire and passion. The Sagittarius babe can even come off as too much at times due to her need to make sure those around her are happy and entertained. If you're looking for a way to tame a Sagittarius lady, then don't be mistaken as they are independent and completely autonomous. In other words, they can't be tamed.

    7 Sagittarius Bro: Funny And Witty Adam Brody Is Your Inner You

    Adam Brody, always known fondly as The OC's Seth Cohen, isn't far off from his teen idol character. As a Sagittarius bro, he's always cracking jokes and isn't afraid to be the life of the party. As a Sagittarius, he's also intrigued by travel and learning new things. He's also astrologically compatible with his Aries wife, Leighton Meester. Fire and fire is never a bad match on the romantic scale! If you're trying to win over a Sagittarius, it would behoove you to know that they love their independence, are adventurous at heart, and value the truth-so don't ever let them catch you in a lie! One thing to note, and this doesn't go for all Sagittarians, but because of their need for adventure and love of change, it can be tricky to be in a relationship with them if you're someone who craves stability and routine.

    6 Capricorn Babe: You're Opinionated And Feisty Like Kristin Cavallari

    As an earth sign, you have a dominant and heavy energy. This is especially true for Capricorn babes. And the Capricorn babe that captures you zodiac sign perfectly? Kristin Cavallari. She doesn't take less than what she knows she deserves from anyone and is, typically, the boss in every situation. She's not one to get played by guys or be a doormat in any situation. While she's known to stir up drama in her former roles on The Hills and Laguna Beach, she seems to stay away from it in real life keeping the details of her personal life on the down low. As a Capricorn babe, you can probably relate to her in the sense that you have an undeniable stubborn side and dry opinions that fly out of your mouth before you can stop them. On the upside, you're indescribably loyal and responsible as a Capricorn, as well. Go ahead and channel your inner Kristin!

    5 Capricorn Bro: Grounded And Serious Like Liam Hemsworth

    We'll take Liam Hemsworth as any zodiac sign any day… but he really is a Capricorn, and the perfect Capricorn bro, at that. He's ambitious, determined and practical, as shown throughout his off and on relationship with Miley Cyrus. Capricorn bros are similar to Capricorn babes in the sense that their stubborn streak is unwavering, not to mention their harsh opinions can be offensive. But even more so than the Capricorn babe, the Capricorn bro is overachieving in almost every sense. He may come off as quiet, reserved and uber-serious at first, but eventually, you'll see he's not one to boast about all of his accomplishments. Another thing to note about the Capricorn bro? He's serious about his love life. There's no in-betweens or kinda-sorta "I love you's" coming from this guy.

    4 Aquarius Babe: You're Quirky And Love Your Independence Like Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston is the true essence of an Aquarius babe. She's independent, a non-conformist, and a forward-thinker. These traits are prominent in Aquarius signs as their one of the most innovative of the zodiac. She's also an air sign, so intelligence is something that comes naturally to her. Not to mention, it took her how long to marry Justin Theroux?… and now unfortunately divorced. Another trait of an Aquarius babe is she doesn't commit easily, so good luck! J-Aniston also has a huge humanitarian side to her, which is notable among Aquarians. They just want to save the world. Most Aquarius babes have a quirky, eccentric side of them that they either show off or keep under wraps until they know you really (and know you won't judge them). There are hardly any negative traits when it comes to being an Aquarius babe, besides that they can come off as arrogant and aloof if you don't know them very well.

    3 Aquarius Bro: Innovative, Intelligent And Friendly Like Justin Timberlake

    Justin Timberlake is our favorite Aquarius bro. Not that we need to go into much detail about his well-known dancing, singing, acting and many other talents, but these also help his case in being the ideal Aquarius bros. Aquarius guys are automatic innovators and entrepreneurs. They think outside the box and aren't afraid to let it show. To call an Aquarius intelligent is almost insulting, especially to them (they can be a little full of themselves). They are creators and, as our fav Justin Timberlake here has demonstrated, have the ability to get anything they want done and see it through to the end. If you happen to be romantically involved with an Aquarius dude, good luck getting them to settle down. They are not traditional in any sense, especially the romantic sense. Depending on other astrological factors within their chart, they, typically, are too careful to commit to anything or anyone right away. On the upside, if they do then consider yourself extremely lucky.

    2 Pisces Babe: Dreamy And Mysterious Like Rihanna With A Depth Of Secret Emotion

    Rihanna is not only the ideal Pisces Babe, but she's the definition of it. Pisces babes come off as if they have an unbreakable exterior with no room for softness or sappy emotion, but the truth is that they have the most emotion out of all of the water signs. With Cancer and Scorpio being the other two water signs that give them a run for their money, the Pisces babe is a dangerous current of emotion. The Pisces babe will go to the end of the earth for the ones she loves, but she also tends to put those on a pedestal that don't deserve it giving her many false perceptions of people. The Pisces babe, and Rihanna, would save a lot of heartbreak and tears if she just took off her rose-colored glasses once in awhile. The Pisces babe loves the smoke and mirrors of her version of reality, which sometimes leads to let down and disappointment in the long run.

    1 Pisces Bro: The Unique And Emotionally Layered Adam Levine Captures Your Inner You

    Due to being the final sign of the zodiac, the Pisces bro has a little bit of each zodiac mixed with his sign. Enter the perfect Pisces bro, Adam Levine. He's sweet, talented, manly, caring and charming. The whole package, right? Well, to be fair Adam Levine is one of the better Pisces bros out there. Pisces men tend to live in a fog of daydream and illusions, not to mention their love for secrecy and mystery doesn't make them an ideal partner. One thing you'll notice about a Pisces bro is that they're easy going as all get out. They are calm company to keep and deeply mushy-gushy romantic if you're dating one. Just watch out for signs that not all that glitters is gold with a Pisces. Deep down they're a whirlwind of some kind of emotional dispute going on in their heart while trying to cover it up with far away daydreams running through their heads.