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    What to Text a Guy to Get His Attention 25 Texts to Work Your Magic

    Guys can be hard to read sometimes. No worries, because here is what to text a guy to get his attention. And keep his attention.

    You might be thinking that getting a guy's attention should be easy, but that is not always the case, especially via text. Guys are easily distracted and don't always want to take part in a full-on texting conversation. So, here is what to text a guy to get his attention.

    What NOT to text a guy to get his attention

    Before we get into all the goods, there are some things you should certainly avoid texting a guy. Some just won't work, while others may get you the wrong kind of attention.

    And there may be no such thing as bad press, but there is such a thing as bad attention. Trust me, it is better to be off his radar than to be on it in the wrong way.

    #1 Nude photos. This is just a straight up no. Just don't do it. No matter how tempting, this is a lot riskier than you think it is.

    #2 Lies. Don't make up some big lie to get his attention. It isn't worth it. If you have to lie to get his attention, you don't really want his attention.

    Plus, even if it were to work, it is likely you'll get caught in the lie later.

    #3 “Hey. What's up?” This is a very boring text. How would you like to receive it? It has no intrigue, uniqueness, or creativity. There is nothing to make you want to respond.

    #4 Emojis. Emojis are fine, but trying to get his attention with the unicorn, the frown face, and a pizza feels juvenile.

    #5 Double texts. You can say it is a glitch with your phone all you want, but I know you just want to make sure he got your text. You want to remind him you texted earlier and make sure he hasn't forgotten.

    Trust me, he hasn't. But, even if he did, seeing a double text will surely deter him.

    #6 A paragraph. If you are in the middle of a deep conversation, go ahead and send a novel, but if you are just texting to start a conversation a paragraph is not the way to do it.

    Likely he'll pick up his phone, see he has to read a persuasive essay and go back to Fortnite.

    #7 Drunk texts. I don't know whoever thought this was a good idea, but it is always regretful in the morning. And what's worse is texting sober and pretending that you're drunk texting so that you have an excuse for anything embarrassing you may say.

    Not cute.

    #8 Pretend fake texts. I am guilty of doing this quite often in high school. I would text my crush something that was clearly meant for someone else so I could text again and say, “Oops sorry, that wasn't meant for you.”

    That is not cute, it does not work, and it is just embarrassing.

    #9 Gossip. Celebrity gossip is okay but reaching out to get a guy's attention by either making up something or spreading gossip is not a good look.

    #10 Asking why he hasn't responded. As much as you deserve an explanation, you will likely never get it. Unless he magically says sorry I was working or asleep, you will just have to suffer from not knowing. Sorry.

    What to text a guy to get his attention

    #1 Memes. Ahh, what a great invention. Memes make everything so casual. You don't have to admit you were thinking about him or come off too eager. Just text him a meme you thought was hilarious or that related to him.

    #2 Something relevant. Something that always worked for me when I was texting a guy from school or work is to bring up something relevant. “Hey did you get the last question of the homework?” or “I zoned out during today's meeting, can you sum it up for me?”

    This gives you a segue into a longer conversation, but won't make him feel like you're flirting or actually trying to get his attention.

    #3 Hey sexy. And the opposite. If this is someone you have a romantic history with, this is a way to perk up his ears.

    #4 I'm about to get food. Want to join? What guy or girl can say no to food? Seeing as it is last minute, it sort of requires an immediate response. If you know his favorite place, even toss that into the text to really get his attention.

    #5 Have you watch the Game of Thrones finale? If you watch the same show or cheer on the same sports team, text him about it. He likely is dying to chat about that blowout or intense death scene.

    Plus, now you have something to bond over down the line as well.

    #6 I'm still smiling from our last date. Say it has been a few days since your last date, or even if it was last night, this is a smooth and honest way to get his attention. A decent guy will appreciate it.

    #7 You looked great in… that blue shirt last night, in your last Instagram post, etc. Give him a little compliment to boost his ego. Maybe he wasn't sure how interested you were and didn't want to be the first to reach out.

    You have now given him an opening.

    #8 I had a dream about you last night. I know this can go down a certain path, but if you're okay with that, cool. This has actually worked for me on countless occasions. He will almost always respond, “Oh really? What happened?”

    As long as you have an answer that can steer the conversation where you want it to go, you're good.

    #9 OMG. It is simple but effective. Three letters and he will likely be intrigued. Then if you take a few minutes to respond after he says, “what?” you have got his attention.

    Tell him about the crazy traffic jam you were in, who you ran into at the bookstore, or the weird thing your dog did.

    #10 Bring up something you talked about before. Do not beat a dead horse. Do not stir up your last conversation that died a slow painful death. Instead, bring up something you have had a successful conversation about before.

    For example, “Remember how you said your sister wants to get into fashion? I just saw this job opening,” or, “Mumford and Sons are in town in two weeks!!!” You may even get a date out of it if you think it through.

    #11 This made me think of you. A meme, a weird appliance you saw at the store, or a hilarious bumper sticker. Being able to send photos via text makes getting a guy's attention so much easier.

    #12 Flirty selfie. NOT a nude, but a cute flirty smile and maybe a little cleavage should do the trick. Just remember to keep it tasteful and mysterious.

    You can show him your outfit today and ask if he thinks you look cute. Rock a new hairstyle and ask him what he thinks, or just send a selfie saying you're feeling yourself today and wanted to show him how good you look. Everyone loves confidence.

    #13 Ask for his advice. I always get pulled into a text when someone asks for my opinion or advice, so my thought is that if he cares, he will too. Ask him what team to bet on. Or maybe ask him which Netflix series to watch next.

    #14 You missed the wildest night. If you want to get his attention because he hasn't messaged you in a while, make him feel a little bad about it. I know, I know, it isn't the most mature move, but it works.

    Tell him how he missed the coolest show the other night at a club near you. Or tell him about something super fun you did over the weekend and add in something like, “too bad you missed it.”

    #15 Nothing. If none of these things get his attention and he hasn't texted you, just let it be. I'm sorry to have to say this, but if he hasn't texted you in a reasonable amount of time, he may just not be into you and you deserve better.

    Plus, don't you want a guy whose attention you don't need to get via text? Don't you want a guy trying to get your attention?

    You better not still be wondering what to text a guy to get his attention. I am sure one of these worked, and if not, move on to greener pastures.