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    Why You're Single According To Your Zodiac Sign

    It can be hard to pinpoint exactly why you're single. You might have some ideas about what's going on, but a lot of it has to do with timing, and it's also super easy to blame your lack of love on other people. Of course, we all know that it tends to be a mixture of all those things, but it's not super helpful to blame other people or the world at large. Usually, it's best to analyze our solo status by thinking about ourselves and our lives and getting super reflective. Realistically, not everyone matches up based on personality, and there's a lot that we can learn about out astrological signs that can give us some insight into what those personality traits are. Especially when they're negative ones. It's not fun to admit your flaws but when you look at them from an astrological standpoint, at least you know you're not alone. Here are some reasons that you might be single according to your astrological sign.

    15 Taurus: Stays Inside The Box

    Taurus, you can be a little possessive, jealous, materialistic, stubborn, lazy, self-indulgent, slow about making decisions, and overly practical. The fact that you're practical means that you probably have your stuff together, but that couples with the self-indulgent and lazy thing can mean that you don't take a lot of risks. Sometimes you're single simply because you aren't willing to put yourself out there or try dating someone outside of your normal type. You tend to think about people that you're dating in a methodical way which means that you aren't likely to miss any red flags, but you can also get too analytical about it and forget to listen to what your heart has to say about people. When you do decide on someone your jealous nature can rear up, so pay attention to when that happens and try not to let it get out of hand unless you have practical reasons to act on it.

    14 Gemini: Flip-Flop

    Gemini, you're known as the sign that has two personalities which means that you can be unpredictable, confused, restless, detached, flirty, change your mind a lot, and even be distrustful. Your changing opinions and moods all make sense within your head, but to other people who don't experience life in quite the same dual nature you can be very confusing. It's hard enough to understand people in the dating world without them changing all the time. The thing for you to keep in mind is that being open and honest about who you are and your feelings is the best way to let people know you. People who are right for you will understand the different parts of you and not try to make you be someone that you aren't. The more you get to know people, the less likely you'll change your mind about them on a whim as well.

    13 Cancer: Too Much To The Wrong Person

    Cancer, you might be single because you're super sentimental, tend to overthink things, and therefore have a hard time letting things go. The good thing about this emotional personality you have is that you're loving and empathetic. When you care about someone you'll do anything for them. But sometimes you end up doing a little too much and putting up with a little too much for too long with the wrong people. Sometimes you're even a bit clingy. By the time you get out of the wrong relationships a strong bond was created anyway, and then it takes you a while to move on. You see the good in people even when they aren't treating you the way you want to be treated. Continue to see the good, but also see it in yourself so that you can keep proper boundaries and only give your good stuff to the people who really deserve it. You're way stronger than you think, and other people start to see that when you do.

    12 Leo: You Think You're A VIP

    Leo, the truth is that you might be single because you tend to think that you're the king or queen of the ball. Sometimes you are, but that doesn't mean that other people have to pay attention to you or do what you want if they don't feel like it. Arrogance can be appealing at first since it comes off as confidence but there's not a lot of room for it in relationships since it can just squash the other person out of the game. Being a leader is great but being in a relationship takes two people acting as partners. You can also be very headstrong and stubborn which sometimes can turn into a bit of a temper. Yelling doesn't have a place in normal conversations. You're passionate but try to turn down the dial if you feel like your mood is seeping out and taking over the room. You're very important but you're not the only person who is.

    11 Virgo: A Real Critic

    Part of the reason that you're single if you're a Virgo is the fact that you're, well, let's say a huge perfectionist and you can be really hard on other people. You know you're plenty flawed but for some reason, the smallest flaws that you notice in another person can send you running for the hills. The good thing about being so aware is that you know what you don't want, but it makes it hard to get to know people when you're over critical about the little things. Keep in mind that your core values are important and that you deserve to be with someone who's on your level and is going to make you happy. But also keep in mind that what's going to make you happy might come in a package that surprises you at first. The right person is going to enhance your life and won't be a distraction to your goals and career. They'll fit in if you let them in.

    10 Libra: You've Got A Few Quirks

    Libra, you are likely to be a bit of a worrier, and you can also be a bit of an introvert. Sometimes you try too hard to make other people happy while totally ignoring the part where you're supposed to be taking care of yourself. Both of those things are important but there has to be a balance. Don't think that when you stop taking care of everyone that they'll fall apart or leave you. The right people can stand on their own two feet and will be willing to take care of you too. You can also be a bit contradicting in nature and sometimes you change your mind about things quickly. This can make you seem flighty or superficial even when you have good intentions. That can make people quick to write you off as not serious. Just being aware of these things that make you unique can be helpful when you're approaching a dating situation.

    9 Scorpio: One Sided View

    As a Scorpio, you have a tendency to be controlling, stubborn, resentful at times, jealous, and suspicious. When people cross you, your instinct is to get back at them or punish them somehow, but this lack of ability to see both sides of the situation can cause you some issues when it comes to communication and playing fair in a relationship. You're also one of the more emotional signs but you tend to hide that which can cause issues of its own. You don't like to be perceived as weak, but sometimes in hiding your emotions you also hide important aspects of who you are and people can have a hard time seeing past the dominating parts of your personality. You can also be a bit obsessive in relationships, so without the common ground building between you and someone else they might just see you as a little more than they're willing to deal with.

    8 Sagittarius: Little Miss Know-It-All

    As a Sagittarius, you're open and communicative, but that also means that you sometimes come across as being a know-it-all and in some cases, you can be a little harsh with your opinions. Not everyone enjoys being criticized, and in turn, they can become defensive around you and won't want to open up. For another thing, you tend to get bored and you don't love being tied down. Obviously, that doesn't always make for a serious relationship. You can also be a bit arrogant and might take things for granted… even people. When people care about you but don't feel like they're getting back the warmness from you that they crave, they might assume that you don't care about them. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't, but just try to make clear which one that might be. It saves everyone a lot of trouble to explain what you want.

    7 Capricorn: Your Way Is ALWAYS The Right Way

    As a Capricorn, you feel strongly that there is a right way to do things and a wrong way. Sometimes you try to force your opinions onto other people because you're so sure that you're right. But the thing is that sometimes you forget that there can be multiple right ways to do things depending on who's doing it. People like to feel understood or at least respected even if their opinions are different than yours, so keep that in mind. Your conservative nature can also come off as a bit reserved so to some signs you might not seem quite up to the speed that they're looking for. It's not that you don't want to have fun you just want to do it your way. Make sure that you explain your ambitions to people inside of keeping them to yourself, and then they'll understand just how driven you are and not mistakenly think that you're selfish.

    6 Aquarius: Impulsive AF

    The Aquarians of the world can come off as a little dreamy and impulsive. You tend to have dual aspects to your personality thanks to that impulsiveness and you might end up trying to accomplish two totally different things at the same time. To more focused people that can seem a little odd or distracted. Never underestimate the good aspects of being as curious as you are, but be mindful that when you ask people questions they don't like to feel like they're being interrogated. You also love your freedom and you might have noticed that not everyone wants to give it to you when it comes to relationships. If you happen to be the type that caught the travel bug you should make sure to either seek out friends and lovers who want to travel with you or don't feel neglected when you decide to jet off without them.

    5 Pisces: Hiding In The Shadows

    As a Pisces, you do not love getting into confrontations. Really, who can blame you? But if you take that too far in the opposite direction sometimes you aren't that great at speaking your mind or standing up for yourself. Remember that speaking your truth is important even if you prefer being with someone who's a little more take the lead than you are. You can also be a little overly sensitive, which can make you shy away from talking even more. But just because it hurts your feeling when someone points out something about the way you've been acting, that doesn't mean they don't get to say it. Spend time with people who are kind and have your best interests at heart so that you don't have to question whether they're actually trying to be mean or not when you feel stung. Your timidness can slow you from letting your feelings known when you like people, but keep in mind that there's nothing wrong with a little flirting here and there.

    4 Aries: Act Too Quickly

    Aries, your commonly cited negative personality traits include jealousy, stubbornness, unpredictability, acting child like, being impatient, and having a short temper. All that stuff makes you a major go getter but it can cause some clashes within your closest relationships. You don't really like to admit when you're wrong or take the blame except you also act out intentionally which can irritate people. Try to stay in touch with what you're really feeling as opposed to trying to play the victim and make others feel bad for how things are going for you. Open up and communicate in an adult manner to get the best feedback from people who care about you. With the right person, your impulsiveness can be a great thing in the sense that it might get someone else out of their shell and introduce them to new ways of approaching the world.

    3 Sensitive Signs: Soooo Many Feelings

    All you water signs are different in many ways, but what you have in common is that you are super emotional and sensitive. Never forget that this is ultimately a good thing. Yes, some days you'll be crying all over the place and feel like you're wasting time as you do so, but the fact that you feel so much means that you also process your emotions faster. You feel stuff, make decisions, move on, become a better person. That's a good thing. Being sensitive means that you care about other people all the time which is also a good thing. Without you, there'd be a lot less love. That's your superpower… well, it is as long as you can protect it and not give all of it away or let people use it to for their own advantage. People are going to see your kind nature and depth. Just be mindful about who you let in.

    2 Stubborn Signs: Never Back Down

    Most people can have their stubborn streaks but it's true that some signs are just way more stubborn than others. This can make you a bit challenging to deal with when someone is in a relationship with you since you don't want to bend and when things don't bend they often break. But the good thing about your stubbornness is that you know what you want and you aren't going to spend a lot of time with people who aren't ready to give it to you. You might burn through relationships faster than other people but see it as a good thing. There's nothing wrong with trying again and again until you can find the person who really gets you. But when you do, you should definitely compromise a bit… because the truth is that you have to. If you're too stubborn you end up alone and if you don't want to be single that doesn't exactly work. Everyone has to compromise some of the time, it's not just you.

    1 Flighty Signs: Free Spirit

    For you flighty signs, you should definitely understand that being dreamy and turning on a dime can make the planners of the world confused. They spend so much time trying to keep their lives controlled and organized and they don't understand why you seem to throw that away on a whim. Of course, you don't see it as throwing anything away because you see the world as a place that supports you no matter which way you turn even if that isn't always true. Eventually, things work out in one way or another and sometimes you even get huge rewards for living this way. Don't let anyone try to dull your sense of adventure or tell you that your goals aren't realistic. Just find ways to remain stable while you bounce around and prove to everyone that your big ideas have merit. But also take into account other people's ideas about how to get things done and cultivate a place of give and take.