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    What Your Number Says About You (Numerology)

    If you have ever been curious about Numerology, but never took the subject farther than simple curiosity, this article is for you. It's super simple to find out your number. There are two primary ways to discover your number; both numbers are called your Life Path. The first, and most common way, is the sum of your complete birth date from the month, day, and the complete year. The second is the sum of your full birth name with each letter being equivalent to a number; A is 1, B is 2, C is 3, so on and so forth. Or you can just plug in your name at this site to discover your number; included are interesting facts about the origin of your name. These numbers must be added up and continually added until a single digit number is reached. Or until an 11 or 22 are reached; the 11 equaling a 2 (1+1) or the 22 equaling a 4 (2+2). These numbers you carry through life and are connected to the occult as far back as the Hebrew Kabbalah which is even older than the Pythagoras contribution to Numerology. They determined that certain algorithms which vibrated something at our life or energy's center.

    11 ONE//1

    If you are a ONE you are all about independence and accomplishing things by your own will. You are geared toward achievement by means of your own power which means you hold individualistic desires in the highest esteem. While most people depend upon others without so much as a second thought, any situation where you are reliant upon another person will make you feel unfulfilled and frustrated, perhaps depressed. Never the follower. You are a pioneer, a leader, and pro-active. No one can tell you to start something because you are the queen of initiating action. You are not afraid to take charge, however that same attitude can make you appear selfish or self-centered, even arrogant. Be careful with being too bossy, find the balance between getting things done your way and effective leadership. There is a ridiculous amount of strength associated with this number which means high probability for success, a long life, and prosperous health.

    10 TWO//2

    If you are a TWO you are known as the universal intermediary. Inside there is a need to be around people in any capacity, you are social in nature. What makes you unique is that you seem to be self-less as you worry about others more often than not, you are known as the touchstone for partnerships, mediation, and cooperation. You have a serious sense of right and wrong, too, which makes you unbiased and able to find the perfect balance. You enhance the life of others and in turn enhance your own life. Never doubt your instincts. Be certain that no matter the situation or crisis, you know the fairest solution. You are the queen of team spirit and keeping the peace. People really come to you in times of need, but be sure that you give some time to yourself, too. Don't let the care for and of others deny you proper self-care. Avoid partnerships with friends as things could get messy.

    9 THREE//3

    If you are a THREE you are the artist. There is an organic flow of art and artistic endeavors that come through all your pores, but more importantly your heart as you have a great need to express yourself on a regular basis. You are really into making friends with like-minded people and then sharing your heart and homes with them; this type of interaction brings you immense joy. You tend to be bubbling with personality and a steadfast optimism. It's very rare that you will feel blue because you accept that setbacks are part of what make life life. You have the true attitude of a laid-back artist. However, that doesn't mean that you aren't focused and ready to make your self-expression be seen and noticed in tangible ways. Be sure to understand which artistic outlet is optimal for your self-expression otherwise you might bounce around without much direction. You live in the moment, therefore you might not anticipate some challenges that could arise. Beware of scattered focus that will leave you feeling empty and exhausted.

    8 FOUR//4

    If you are a FOUR you are as grounded as grounded gets, kiddo. In some cases, you are even considered a cornerstone of society with an impeccable work ethic and high standards for the behavior of yourself and those around you. You hold yourself to your word and expect the same from those around you. It will be very rare if you leave something unfinished, like rare as in never. As a dedicated person, you are skilled at planning and organizing a slew of things from events to studies to life paths; it also helps that you have an accurate sense of reality. You are also trustworthy, so people will come to you for advice or guidance. As a matter of fact, you are seen as the foundation of your family, your group of friends, or your workplace. And you often climb to the top because you do not let limits get in your way. Some might see you as obsessive, but it's really your tenacity that keeps you going. You are good at giving and following orders, but prefer to be the giver rather than the receiver. Be careful with authority and those who are superficial, as you will probably clash with such personalities. Make sure you balance yourself, too; don't let your drive rule all aspects of your life.

    7 FIVE//5

    If you are a FIVE you are totally into adventure and rarely, if ever, worry about the future. Your attitude is one of happy go luck, live for and in the moment, and basic existential existence. Because you have so many questions and tend to be philosophical, you will probably journey often throughout life searching the world over for the answers to all your questions. Your keys words are freedom and independence. To restrain you would be to take the life out of you. You tend to be multi-talented which can lead to confusion about your life path. For this, you need some strict planning that will allow you to fully express yourself and live out your dreams with success. You don't do boring and never will, so don't even try to settle into a job that doesn't keep you on your toes. This could also lead to various temporary jobs or jobs abroad which could also mean that you might not learn all the right skills to be financially responsible. Don't be overindulgent and know when enough is enough. Plan for both the soul and the head while letting the heart guide you. You will be tempted by the thrill of adventure, but you must know that there is a time for everything. Don't settle into routine or fixed life as you will quickly become frustrated and even depressed. Keep moving, but know when to stop and breathe; enjoy stopping for what it is, a pause in your great adventures.

    6 SIX//6

    If you are a SIX you have a strong sense of responsibility floating around you. You have an affinity for domestic roles and situations and you love helping others. In fact, in order to feel useful, you will find the role of helper most suitable. If there's anything you're dedicated to, it's your family and your home. You are the protector, the lioness of the pack; and you love being a part of your community. Because you give so much of yourself to others, you will feel exhausted. This only means that you need to slow down. You take care of others so much that you will, at some point, neglect yourself which can bring on health issues around the kidneys or the liver. Avoid guilt or critical talk because you can only do so much. You are, after all, only one person. Some might consider you to be self-righteous or nosey, but that's only by perceiving you from a distance. Deep down you do what you do from a pure and genuine place.

    5 SEVEN//7

    If you are a SEVEN you are the deep thinker, even the spiritual guru of all the numbers. Even from an early age, you have some inner knowledge that leads you to believe that you are different from those around you. You are a compassionate friend and when you make friends you tend to make them for life. In terms of being social, you are seen as rather withdrawn or aloof even. Some might say you are cold, but you are simply observing and analyzing all the time. This is how you learn about life, through keen observation. You might struggle with trusting yourself and your feelings and this might lead to insecurities. Don't do that, you have great instincts and intuition, old wise one. You have a reputation for being moody because that's only because you are managing all that you see with all that you feel. If you don't explore the world in your own way, you could grow up to be very resentful and extremely negative. Make sure you trust your gut and go out there and see what the world has to offer you, but also what you have to offer the world.

    4 EIGHT//8

    If you are an EIGHT you are all about the Benjamins, baby. You are powerful and materially driven. If you could be summed up in two words it would be competitive and confident. This makes for an excellent business person or entrepreneurial spirit. You know how to get what you want; we could even use the word manipulative here. And you are all about climbing the financial and social ladder. Dreaming isn't part of your life as you are too practical for that. You are too preoccupied with money to let matters of the heart interfere with your goals. Through hard-work, you see that everything is possible. And you make everything possible, but sometimes at the risk of neglecting family, friends, and home. Don't be obsessive in your pursuit of pleasures. Take time to live life outside of the tangible realm.

    3 NINE//9

    If you are a NINE you are likely to hold an elevated position related to real change in life. Your role is that of the humanitarian, the selfless light in the dark world. You are the philosopher and can easily give up the material world for the spiritual one. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of others, even humankind. There are rarely feelings of prejudice that live inside of you, your heart is one of gold and it shines for the less fortunate. You are compassion personified. You want to make things better for everyone around you. You tend to be expressive with your wisdom through art. Because you are so generous, you must beware those who wish to take advantage of you of which there will be many. Abuse could be instore if you're not careful and watchful. Make sure you have a support system around you protecting your philanthropic ways. Remember that being let down is a part of life, so don't beat yourself up about it.

    2 ELEVEN//11

    If you are an ELEVEN you are vibrating on a different plane than the rest of us. Your spiritual awareness is so wide open you are considered a master. To those around you, you are seen as extremely interesting, enigmatic even. You are avant-garde and cultured, you are a true visionary. Not only do you bring a lot to a conversation, but you are also a wonderful listener. You have a knowledge beyond your own understanding. When you become difficult to deal with, it's the result of expecting too much from yourself and those around you. This makes you nervous. Try exercise to combat this. You also tend to be moody, but keep calm and focus on your intuitive nature and your ability to dream and illuminate all things into reality. Ideal career paths deal with counseling and healing. You might not be a leader, but you know how to lead people down the right path that allows their talents to shine.

    1 TWENTY-TWO//22

    If you are a TWENTY-TWO, you are the highest vibrational number there is. This number is rare, indeed and the life path for this number is not easy to life up to. Within you and in your grasp, you have many powers and can reach heights unimaginable. You can build anything form nothing; both a mover and a shaker. You have a knack for leading people in society. It's not always easy to recognize your potential, but with time and focus, you can unleash some pretty powerful things dwelling inside of you. It's hard to accept a path of righteousness because it can be overwhelming and demand lots of self-control, if you can't learn to manage this things could be rocky. Yours is a path less chosen, but you're the right person for the job because you have the secret to knowledge and balance inside of you. Learn to control emotion and you will control almost everything that comes your way.