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    What Type Of Date He Will Hate Based On His Zodiac Sign

    Dating can be tricky especially when you are the adventurous one but your date would rather watch a movie and go to dinner type of date. It is hard enough finding the right match, and when you do find someone you like, you start to plan a date. Let's say he puts the date planning fate into your hands and now you are trying to decipher if whatever date you have in mind will be something he will like.

    Whether or not you follow the zodiac signs, check your compatibility, or just gush over astrology all together, the signs can often be quite helpful. They can tell you often what sign fits best with your sign, they can tell you what you like and don't like, and sometimes they can even help with your overall love life-- fascinating right?

    If you find yourself time after time questioning what date you and your significant other shall go on, well, look no further-- the zodiacs are here! Turns out each zodiac sign has a specific taste, and men don't really fantasize about dates like women do-- which is why we are here to help. Curious what your crush is thinking when it comes to dating, here are what type of dates he will hate based on his zodiac, take a look:

    12 Aries: Dinner and a Movie

    An Aries man is a fiery breed, as he loves control. Considering that an Aries is generally extremely adventurous and in love with nature it would only seem appropriate to avoid any date that could come across as, shall we say, "traditional". An Aries is far from traditional, they don't really like the normal "dinner and a movie" dates, as they get bored easily. Taking them to dinner will only make them think that you are boring, which will ultimately leave them to their wandering ways. Remember, an Aries man is a chaser which means he probably already has his next target in mind so by taking him to the movies where neither one of you can actually get to know each other will make him question why he was interested in the first place. And staying home all the time is another "date" you should avoid especially when it comes to an Aries. They like passionate, excitement, adrenaline rush! They don't want to feel like an old married couple who never does anything crazy or exciting-- they will hate any date that makes them feel stuck.

    11 Taurus: Cheap Diners

    A Taurus is an incredibly loyal partner but that does not mean that they love every date idea you come up with. While they are great with the stability they are also the type to live a very expensive lifestyle-- meaning if you want to impress your man do not take him to some cheap diner as he only eats at a five-star restaurant. Do not take a Taurus man on a hike for a date as he would rather be pampered than spending a day in nature. This Earth sign is very set in his ways, therefore he only expects the best. You may be thinking dating a Taurus man means he will shower you with extravagant gifts, and perhaps he might be he will also be demanding in that you--shower him. Meaning if you really want to impress your man, do not take him camping-- a Taurus man wants to eat a well-cooked meal at some fancy restaurant, and drink an extremely expensive bottle of champagne.

    10 Gemini: Repetitive and Traditional Dates

    A Gemini is known for their spontaneity and they are total social butterflies--which means the last thing you want to do is try and keep them from spreading their wings. Meaning, a Gemini man absolutely hates any date that feels like you're trying to tie them down. Granted, they are extremely loyal and passionate creatures but they love their freedom more. Which means if you want to impress a Gemini man, don't be boring. A lot like an Aries, Geminis aren't really into the whole "dinner and a movie" date-- they are communicators which means they like dates that involve actually getting to know the person. Don't make them stay at home watching movies and drinking wine, while they are capable of doing so they won't enjoy it for long. They hate anything that is repetitive which means they don't like going on the same type of date every single time-- by mixing things up you are sure to keep their attention. Bore them with your traditional ways and they'll be running for the hills.

    9 Cancer: Amusement Parks

    This Crab might get a little "crabby" if you end up with the wrong type of date idea. Considering this Water sign is known to be unpredictable, while you may know that they love art and that family means the world to them-- considering how unpredictable they are you never know if they are going to be happy or totally in a bad mood. Which is why picking the perfect date will save you in the end-- as if you pick the wrong type of date, he may not be so forgiving since they lack patience. The type of date you should never go on with a Cancer man is an amusement park-- they prefer more intimate dates and an amusement park is hardly intimate. They can be true romantics at times, so another bad date idea that a Cancer man is sure to hate would be a bar-- as they want to spend alone time with you instead of fighting for the bartender's attention.

    8 Leo: Museums

    A Leo man loves being treated like a King in a relationship and if you try to come up with a date idea make sure it is dramatic and exciting as a Leo expects nothing but the best considering how high of self-respect they have for themselves. A Leo man hates any date that is considered boring-- in their eyes. They are considered the "party animals" of the zodiac signs which means a Leo man will dislike any date that involves sitting around a boring restaurant or watching a movie at home, they don't care for anything that looks like a normal date, they hate coffee shops and small diners. They enjoy being the life of the party-- which means if you want to attract a Leo and go on a date he will enjoy, take him to a festival or even a night club-- somewhere where he can dance and enjoy life and still be with you. Do not take a Leo to a museum, he will get bored and end up looking at you as boring too.

    7 Virgo: Anything romantic or crazy is off limits

    This Earth sign is totally down to Earth, they enjoy intellectual conversations and nature which is why the worst date you could ever go on with a Virgo man is something romantic or crazy. Virgos love being one with nature but they are the least romantic bunch of the zodiacs. They don't like crazy activities like skydiving, river rafting, and they don't want you to cook them a candle-lit dinner-- while they enjoy bike rides through the countryside and possibly wine tasting, that is as romantic as it will get for them. They need something that stimulates their brain but allows them to get close to you. By doing something crazy it makes them feel out of control and they are all about practicality. They hate dates that make them the center of attention, so anywhere that puts all eyes on you two will make them very uncomfortable. A Virgo man will make subconscious judgments about you based on the type of date you choose-- so choose wisely.

    6 Libra: Bowling

    Libras love to be wined and dined, whatever you choose as your date with a Libra man you must arrange something that is classy and eloquent considering how gracious and harmonious they are.  That means do not take a Libra to some fast food restaurant, otherwise, you won't be getting a second date. Another type of date that a Libra absolutely hates is bowling-- nothing bores them more than taking them to a place where they have to wear shoes that have been worn by other people, casual clothing, and having to act excited about throwing a ball down an aisle. This Air sign loves all things beautiful meaning you will not impress your Libra man by taking him to someplace that you would spend as a child-- you might as well take him to Chuck e' Cheese (and please do not do that, he will hate that!). They won't be satisfied by some cheap date idea as they prefer art and music and good food. Nothing pushes a Libra man away faster than a cheap diner and bowling night.

    5 Scorpio: The Club

    If you have ever dated or been on a date with a Scorpio you know from experience that they are extremely passionate yet stubborn creatures. Not to mention, that the only thing you will for sure find predictable about a Scorpio is their unpredictability. Because they are so unpredictable it makes deciding what type of date to go on that much harder, you really have to feel them out before making a set plan. A Scorpio hates any date that strays them away from really connecting with you on an intellectual and emotional level. Do not take a Scorpio man to a club, the last thing he wants to do is be in a crowded room where you have to yell just to hear each other. They hate dates that don't allow them to get to know you. By going to a club you are showing off a side of you that actually will push him away as he is looking for someone he can connect with mentally and emotionally.

    4 Sagittarius: Spa Dates

    Sagittarius are known for being diverse, they crave freedom and love to travel. Since a Sagittarius would thrive over any date that taps into their adventurous side you should definitely stay clear of anything considered "boring" in their eyes. This Fire sign will hate any date that makes them feel trapped. They will hate a spa date, while some couples will look at a spa date as relaxing and intimate, a Sagittarius will only feel as if they are being confined. The way to tap into a Sagittarius' heart is through an adventure, by going on a date where you can't talk to get to know each other better, you are stuck in one place, and there isn't anything exciting happening-- this will only push him away. They hate dates that are at a spa, getting massages, staying in at home and watching a movie-- if you are going to see a film take them to an old theater they will prefer that over some movie off of Netflix and just sitting on the couch. Sagittarius are go-getters and globetrotters-- doing the norm isn't really their style.

    3 Capricorn: Anything spontaneous or extravagant

    Capricorns are a bit reserved, they are traditional people so taking them anywhere extravagant won't catch their attention. Truth is, they hate laid back and spontaneous dates, as that is not the way to impress a Capricorn man. To win the heart of a Capricorn you must put forth some effort in order to make the date happen otherwise they won't take your intentions seriously. They are planners which means you don't have to plan an expensive date but it does have to cost you some time and effort in planning a date-- such as, reserving a dinner table will definitely do the trick. They hate dates that are spontaneous and out-of-the-blue-- they won't be satisfied with you calling them two hours before and telling them to be ready because you are taking them on a hike. While they will enjoy hiking, they need to know a few days in advance. Considering they are a traditionalist, they expect you to have a set plan. They hate dates that are more of a surprise, and they don't like anything extravagant.

    2 Aquarius: Laying in a field somewhere

    An Aquarius is far from boring which means while they do expect you to have some sort of plan also be prepared for those plans to change. They won't be satisfied just laying in a field somewhere or stargazing. They hate boring situations so taking them on a date such as a farmers market, camping, or dinner-- they won't really be satisfied. They crave the unexpected which means they like dates that aren't the typical dates. They won't enjoy going ice skating or the movies-- they will easily get bored. Do not expect to go on a date that is rather intimate as that isn't something an Aquarius man will enjoy. He needs adventure, much like a Sagittarius. An Aquarius man is notorious for getting bored easily, which means they will hate any date that keeps them for their exploring nature. This Air sign won't be satisfied with going to a local bar either. Keeping them on their toes is what excites them the most.

    1 Pisces: Beer Tasting

    A Pisces is known for being a bit of a dreamer, he enjoys romantic dates over anything else. Which is why if you were to go on a date with a Pisces man, do not take him on a date that draws attention as he absolutely hates being the center of attention. A Pisces is very friendly, and it's no wonder this water sign loves to be by the water or nature in general. They will most likely hate any date that isn't tapping into their romantic nature. They want to know that you took the time to understand their likes and dislikes before planning a date. Dates such as a comedy show, beer tasting, or a local fair are not the type of dates that will impress a Pisces man. By tapping into their romantic side you will be able to create a better connection with them. They are artistic creatures which means they won't be satisfied with a date that makes you two seem more like friends, he is trying to build a connection with you.